Computer Searcher


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What is it?

Have you ever waited for Windows to search through files for minutes just for it to not find anything? Well this program fixes that by making searching for files only take seconds. It uses a multithreaded approach to make searching your computer only take seconds. You can search files for their name, content, type, size, and dates created and modified. There is no need for an index because it searches your system directly, so there is no affect on background performance when closed. I have optimized the file searching as much as possible so it never gets above 150MB of memory usage even while searching through large files, however it does use as much CPU as it needs to speed searching up.

Passed Updates


First version. Cannot search in files or quickly through the index. Is super buggy and crashed on searching sometimes.


Realized that because of the way that I was searching in the files, I didn't need an index. Started working on that for next version. Added an icon to make it look more professional.


Completely rewrote the entire program to be more efficient and infinitely more stable. Finished removing the index and made the searching no longer need it. Fixed many problems with the multithreading synchronization; now results are displayed as they come in instead of all at the end. This makes for a much quicker search because generaly you are only looking for the first few results, but a search could find hundreds. Added an options system mainly to choose how you want to search through files right now, but I am going to be adding more. Also added a "Browse" button to choose the file path to make it more streamlined.


Fixed the problem were if you would search a large root folder, the search info counters would not update.